In July went hiking in another beautiful place in South Africa called Hartbeespoort dam (Africaland), it’s in the North West Province. Let me try to paint a picture of this beautiful place. There is a river running alongside the mountains and throughout there are reeds that form a long passage whereby one walks through. There’s also a camping site whereby one can bring a tent or rent out some caravans and camp out. Oh, and there are some monkeys, jackals, and different types of birds species too.

We were into 3km of our hike when we saw a jackal. We were busy chatting away when this jackal came from nowhere. I was terrified and I said to my friend, “what are we going to do”, is it not going to eat us? I asked with a scared voice. She laughed and said, “it is so small how will it even begin to eat us”. That did not make me feel at ease at all. The jackal was as scared of us as we were of him, but that did not ease my tension and scare. So, Pumza (my friend) decided we must quickly look for sticks just in case the jackal decides to “eat us”. LOL She was walking in front of me, and I was behind her. The funny thing is she kept on looking for a bigger and bigger stick. She finally finds the thickest and longest stick, I asked her how is she going to walk with thick, long, and heavy stick? She said Mo, (that’s what she calls me); at least will throw it at the jackal and he will get scared and run into the reeds. The poor thing just ran away and disappeared into the woods. The experience with the jackal made me realize that I am not a quitter.

After surviving the jackal 🤣

My journey through hiking has been amazing. I have grown so much mentally, spiritually, physically since I have started hiking. I finally understand what it means to be in touch with nature, literally. The peace one gets when it’s only you and nature is amazing. The other beautiful site of nature is the smell of certain “life” such as flowers, wild fruits, etc. Nature provides us with less tangible things but gifts us with beauty, art, and spirituality and it’s all for free, I mean Free! Since my journey of hiking began, I have truly got to understand the importance of human co-existence with nature.

In the moment

Hiking is one of my self-care rituals, which means that the whole day is just dedicated to me and my peace. After hiking, (10km most times) we go find an outdoor restaurant and have breakfast. Most places we hike they have restaurants and braai(barbeque) places on the property. We make use of that. The satisfaction one gets after spending the day with nature is priceless.

Until next time, stay fabtastic people.


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