Modderfontein Reserve

Against all odds

Modderfontein Reserve is situated in the East of Johannesburg, right in the middle of the Industrial place. When you in the park you get lost in it and immediately forget that it is right in the middle of busy Industrial place. Its flat therefore everyone, kids, first timers’ hikers can conquer it.

So much Color in Autumn 🍂
How cool is this! 🥰

Like most Nature reserves, it offers different activities; fishing, running, cycling and hiking trails. The trails are well marked, and what I love about this park is that cycling and walking trails are separated. Best of it all there is a farmers market open on Saturdays. The farmer’s market is truly a nice way to end the activity, most definitely to get some food and coffee. Second time visit and it was totally different experience. If you get there early you get to experience beautiful sunrise and the sun reflects in the river, it’s truly magical.


Well, this hike is for the books. First, I drove us to Modderfontein, something I avoid at all costs. I enjoy being a passenger and I own it. When I drive going to hikes, I don’t wear my hiking boots, I wear flip flops. I have decided in my head that it is not comfortable to drive with hiking boots cause their sole is thick therefore I cannot feel the paddles. This is in my head; I never tested my theory and am not going to test it. Lol. I have concluded that’s how it is, my story and I am sticking to it. 😆. I was hiking with Pumza. So, we get to the Reserve, and I park the car, reach out to the backseat to get my bag and my hiking shoes. All I can remember is getting such a fright, my face heats up and Pumza got a shock. She thought maybe I just spilled something and at that moment I wished that’s what it was. I FORGOT MY HIKING SHOES people, yes, I did. I tell you, after few seconds of shock I turned to Pumza and said, “Pum I forgot my shoes”, we looked at each other and we cracked ourselves with laughter. We spent few minutes laughing so hard, we laughed like lunatics.

Had all the gear except for them shoes😜
Two hours later ☺️(in Tom Kenny voice on SpongeBob 🤣)
The struggle was real in these flops 😀

While we were laughing, both of us silently knew that no one want to go back home. Are you kidding me? after leaving our warm beds in this cold autumn, on a Saturday, hell no, going back home was not an option. Driving all the way from the North to the East to drive back without hiking, NOPE. So, we devise a plan that seeing that the trail is flat, I am hiking with my flip flops. YES, that was our brilliant plan. My Podiatrist must never find out about this, never. LOL. I do not by no means recommend this to anyone, No, No, No. Honestly, I decided to hike with my flip flops because I knew the trail is flat, if it was by the mountains I was not going to hike with my flops. I guess everything happens for a reason! I guess there is a first time for everything, but this one take cup. Mind you this place is cold, surrounded by the river and its autumn. We start walking towards the starting spot and these two gentlemen come pass us and they notice my fancy shoes. The other one says, “OMG aren’t you cold, why the flip flops? My answer was, do not even ask. They laughed and said how far you going to get with those flops. They said we shall see you on the finish line probably with no shoes on as those might be torn by the time you get to the finish line, and we all laughed.

I had to lift my feet while walking to avoid losing my toenail to stones or trees. Bright side, this was good for my calves. Mind you the hike was almost 12km, my special shoes carried me through the finish line. This experience taught me so much about my character, the fact that this did not deter me from doing what I was there for and still enjoyed myself. I also learnt that I need home foot spa massager so that I can enjoy after every hike. I wouldn’t have thought about the foot spa massager if it wasn’t for this experience. (Friends and family its my birthday next month) 😘😉. It was good that it hasn’t rained for few weeks, the sun was out, we did come across some mud here and there but nothing too hectic. Managed to get to the finish line and my flops still in one piece, afterwards we went to the Market.

It was mission impossible to get this picture 😀.

Pumza’ s company was great as always, and into the nature we went, I even forgot that I was hiking with flip flops and my feet were hot.

Partner in crime 🥰

When I got home, I soaked my feet in warm water and bicarbonate of soda, that did the trick. I asked my daughter if she could massage my feet, she gave me the look but agreed to massage me. Ahhh joys of having off spring right!, nope she agreed for a fee. LOL

Life gave me choice, I put my flip flops on, and off I went. Do not try this at home. LOL

Until next time fabtastic people.


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