Groenkloof Nature Reserve

One of many of my favorite hiking spots

I’ve been meaning to start blogging about my favorite hiking spots. Groenkloof is the first of many. When I started thinking of blogging about my favorite hiking spots; I realized that there will be many more of my favorites and that’s okay, because there will be different stories to tell for sure. I like this hiking trail because it’s challenging mentally, physically from the word go.

Groenkloof Nature Reserve is situated in Pretoria; the capital city of South Africa. The place has horse trails, Zebras, Giraffes, Ostriches, and a few more bird species. It is well kept, it has braai/picnic spots and hiking trails are marked very well. A friend of a friend introduced me to this trail early in my hiking adventures. It is a hard trail, gorgeous views from the top of the rocky hills, steep, and it is always hot, Pretoria is very hot even in winter.

How is this even possible 😱

Most of the time we do 10km, however, there was this one time we decided to do 15km and it was summer. OMG, that was biggest mistake, we were so tired, we drank lots of water but we felt so dehydrated. we now go to this trail during wintertime, lesson learned. We decided that the only time to do over 10km anywhere in Pretoria will be during winter, it is still hot in winter but much better than summertime. I remember I checked my watch and we were into our 9km and I was thinking , what am I doing to myself. At this point I was still an amateur into this hiking thing, still figuring out why am I enjoying this. Anyway, we finished our 15km and we were very happy because that was our first long hike.

A few times we’ve been at this place with my Amigos, and we seem to be enjoying going back, I have lost count on how many times we’ve been there.

As I have said, there is always a story to tell, I specifically remember a particular story about a particular Zebra. We were well into our hiking and it was so hot that day even animals were gathered under trees looking for shade. We walked past the herd of Zebras under a few small trees, as we were approaching these animals we realized that one of the Zebra was lying down and others gathered around it. It seemed like the one on the ground was really struggling, it was not well. All I could think of was as soon as we get to the finish line I am going to tell the animal keepers to go check it out. The way it was laying there you could definitely tell that there was something wrong. If you’ve read my previous blogs you will know that one of my favorite animals is Zebra. I was not happy seeing it that way, I just couldn’t wait to get back and report it. After we passed that spot I would say I forgot a bit about that incident and enjoyed my hike until the finish line.

This is the day it was 🥵

We got into the car and left the place, Yes unfortunately I forgot to report the incident before I left. I remember when we were driving home, I said to my friend; Oh no, I forgot to tell the keepers about the Zebra. I started thinking all sorts of things, what if it was dying; what if it was giving birth; anyway if it was giving birth that’s okay, which means it didn’t die. To this day I still think about it, this is more than three years later. I try to think that it was giving birth not dying, I guess this is me trying to make myself feel better. I never told my friend that I still think about this incident, I don’t even think she remembers it. Well, she will now when she reads this blog.

Well fed😊

Anyway funny story about Groenkloof, so one day we were back again and I saw this beautiful flower and I took it to plant it in my garden. A few weeks later it was blooming and I took a picture to send to my friend to show her how grown it was. She sends me a text that she showed her boyfriend my flower and her boyfriend said; ” why do you all go mess up nature”, safe to say I don’t take plants from nature anymore. LOL

Happy place

Until next time Fabtastic people.


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