In the wilderness

I was listening to some podcast talking about good habits that can help one to navigate through this tough thing called life. While I was listening, I have realized that hiking, outdoors, nature, mountains are one of many good habits that help me through any situation. I also had a moment of calmness while I was hiking two weekends ago.

Hear me for a moment, am not trying to turn into spiritual Guru on you at all. LOL. I am in awe of how much nature can just work with you if you slow down, be present and pay attention. I even told my friend about the moment of calmness I felt during this particular hike. My AHA moment was so powerful, I thought about it every minute from when I woke up that morning, from choosing my outfit to sipping on my first cup of coffee.

Moment of calmness and tranquility

Funny thing is, at that spot I was experiencing my moment, there was a notice board along that path; it read; quite please owls are at roost. Apparently, there are owls around that path, and that’s where they roost. While I was in the moment, I could here my friend at the back saying; they can’t be serious, we supposed to be quite because Owls are roosting. Someone answered her with an example; he said, imagine you trying to sleep, and your neighbor is making noise with load music or banging something; it is the same. Everything that exists make sense, one just needs to pay attention and be aware.


There is a joke going around my family and friends, they always say what did I bring back from the wilderness, from climbing mountains. LOL. I always laugh it away, but now I have an answer. ” I bring back so much yet is not visible, its visible through my mental, physical and spiritual wellness. I bring back calmness . Well, friends and family, there is your answer, now you know.

Step by step

Ready and half-way to hiking o’clock

Until next time Fabtastic people.


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