When Mountains are calling!!

Sable Ranch

Catch and Release Sometimes life gets in the way, and one forgets to breathe. This was the case for me these past few weeks. I knew the only way to bring myself towards myself was to go hiking. This is the place where nothing matters and I just marvel at nature and what it hasContinue reading Sable Ranch

Kloofendal Nature Reserve

It’s been a while Fabtastic people, my birthday month kept me busy. Grateful for all the love I received, even though the love kept me away from mountains, LOL. Ahh! the mountains, nature, what can I say, I am hooked, cannot help myself. Went for a quick 5km hike in the West rand of Johannesburg,Continue reading “Kloofendal Nature Reserve”


Africaland-Phaladingwe It feels fabtastic to have a chance to be able to connect with nature through hiking. The places I get to see and the ones I am yet to see; exciting. I am grateful that I can hike and discovered it as a hobby, it is fulfilling. Africaland is situated in the North- WestContinue reading Gratitude


In July went hiking in another beautiful place in South Africa called Hartbeespoort dam (Africaland), it’s in the North West Province. Let me try to paint a picture of this beautiful place. There is a river running alongside the mountains and throughout there are reeds that form a long passage whereby one walks through. There’sContinue reading “Discovery”

Modderfontein Reserve

Against all odds Modderfontein Reserve is situated in the East of Johannesburg, right in the middle of the Industrial place. When you in the park you get lost in it and immediately forget that it is right in the middle of busy Industrial place. Its flat therefore everyone, kids, first timers’ hikers can conquer it.Continue reading Modderfontein Reserve


I was invited to a 19km hike, Van Gaalen in Hartbeespoort, North West Province. I have been to this place more than three times but never done 19km. It only takes about 45 minutes to drive from Johannesburg. As usual it was exciting for me because I knew was I going to come back withContinue reading “Mind-fullness”

Van Gaalen

It was a beautiful day, started a bit cloudy, and progressed into a sunny summer day of December (2021). I went hiking with my work team members. It was our last day seeing each other for the year and we decided to be outdoors, hike, and have a picnic afterward. Van Gaalen is a farmContinue reading “Van Gaalen”


In the wilderness I was listening to some podcast talking about good habits that can help one to navigate through this tough thing called life. While I was listening, I have realized that hiking, outdoors, nature, mountains are one of many good habits that help me through any situation. I also had a moment ofContinue reading “Calmness”


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