Experiences 😊

“Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced “- Soren Kierkegaard

Experiences are valuable because you carry them with you. I always say to my friends; when you are going through tough times; good times, you don’t think about material things you have or own, you think about experiences and memories. I am excited to continue gaining more fabtastic experiences and memories this year.

My journey into trying to understand the difference between experiences and things, taught me that experiences are a luxury. Big or small, good, or bad, experiences have an impact in one’s life.


I have made valuable friendships and am sure am going to continue making more. I hike a lot with my Amigos. (0ne of my friend came up with the name Amigos) LOL. Oh, my goodness, the stories we share are amazing. We laugh together, we talk real life stuff (therapy 101) I tell you. We talk, politics, parenting, relationships, by the time we’re done we all feel light. I think low key ,we look forward to offloading to each other. It doesn’t feel heavy because of the space we at compared to phoning someone and talk. I think nature makes it such a light feeling, nature has calmness effect when you are around it. It’s an amazing feeling, it truly is.

My Amigos

I also frequently hike with my other friend Pumza. We hike to catchup and our hikes are mostly impromptu. We don’t organize and diarize like I do with my Amigos, between the two of us, one sends text a day before to see if one is available and we go hike. See for me that’s also an experience on its own. I like spontaneous events occurring because I struggle with it, I am a “plan in advance” type of person. We always have updates and get up to shenanigans. We share the same favorite hiking spots because of things that we get up to after hiking. Africaland is our number 1 favorite because of the surroundings and there is farmer’s market closer and the waffle restaurant where we go after hiking to have waffles for breakfast. Yes! we do eat waffles after hiking, as a reward. There’re also street vendors selling beautiful arts, crafts, etc.


I’ve been hiking for good few years and never looked back. Every time I go out there, I feel rejuvenated. I experience different things, even if I go to the same hiking spot more than once, (which I’ve done many times) it feels like the first time. I have favorites hiking spots, (which I will blog about soon) the experience is different all the time.

I live in the Gauteng Province in South Africa. We call it the concrete jungle; we jokingly say that because there is always building of some sort popping up everywhere there’s space. This brought me to conclude that there is nothing “nature like” to see in Gauteng, except for concrete. Boy was I wrong, our Province is beautiful, it has hidden germs all around. Hiking has exposed me to such beauty, and I cannot stop myself, the more I experience this beauty, the more I want to discover. The benefits of this cannot be measured, serenity, peace, fitness, stories between me and my fellow hiking buddies, I can go on and on. FREE THERAPY ☺️

Imagine if I had never experienced my Province, I wouldn’t have known about its fabtastic beauty; I would forever know it as a concrete jungle. Now that I am experiencing it through hiking I am grateful.

All am trying to say is, I am not stopping any time. soon. Mountains, nature awaits me; there’s more to it than meets the eye.

I am looking forward to experiencing more places in my country and the world, with my friends. To more adventures 🥂

Until next time, Stay fabtastic people!


4 thoughts on “Experiences 😊

  1. I can totally relate to living a life filled with experiences…

    I think 2022 will be the year I attempt a hike, maybe 2, in between everything that keeps me busy.

    I am officially your follower😉

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